“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.”
William Arthur Ward

Welcome to the SAAVI Youth Services page! SAAVI Youth Services are designed for blind children, youth and young adults throughout the United States. Our programs offer unlimited opportunities such as…

  • Learning practical skills
  • Realizing the potential of each student
  • Encouraging independence
  • Travelling technique training and safe travel
  • Becoming proactive in the blind and local community
  • Working with blind role models and striving to become one

So, for our younger readers, what does all of that mean?? It means that you could…

  • Learn how to make an after school snack by yourself for you and your friends
  • Talk with other blind kids about any trouble that you are having and figure out how to fix them together
  • Learn how to cross the road safely or learn how to use your cane in busy places like the movies or the mall
  • Learn how to connect with friends on Facebook or Twitter
  • Take part in sports like beep base ball or goal ball.

We have a great design team for our youth programs that treat each student as an individual with different needs and wants from SAAVI. To learn more about the individualized programs please follow the links for Ready Set Go Youth; Ready Set Go Summer Camp; and Steppin Out.


Ready Set Go Youth Club

Young girl solving a fun puzzle
Our Ready Set Go Youth Camp is designed for incoming Kindergarten through outgoing 8th grade students. This club is a unique opportunity for students to learn skills while learning more about themselves and the possibilities available for blind and

Ready Set Go Summer Camp

Boy wearing silly glasses in the shape of red hearts.
Summer Vacation As a parent, you either love it or your dread it.  As a teenager, summer vacation is a break from school,

Stepping Out

High School students hanging out and eating pizza
Graduating from high school is a milestone in everyone’s life. This is the time when students are venturing into the world on their own; living independently; attending college or university; or working towards a long term career. This
youth resource