Stepping Out

Graduating from high school is a milestone in everyone’s life. This is the time when students are venturing into the world on their own; living independently; attending college or university; or working towards a long term career. This is the time where challenges arise, adventures begin and “real life” is underway! SAAVI’s Steppin Out is a residential program designed for transition aged blind and visually impaired students who are entering college or are employment bound. Students experience living independently while having the support of an on-site Life Coach. While in Steppin Out, students will take part in all SAAVI comprehensive classes to include: access technology training; budgeting; support groups; orientation and mobility; and those important life skills such as – learning how to keep an apartment clean and organized; cooking meals for yourself, learning how to do laundry and exploring what activities are available in your local community that are within your price range and are accessible. Our goal is to build student’s confidence and skills through training, support and opportunity. This unique program is a stepping stone towards total independent living for young blind and visually impaired adults.