Ready Set Go Summer Camp

Summer Vacation
As a parent, you either love it or your dread it. 
As a teenager, summer vacation is a break from school, homework and cafeteria food!
As an agency, summer vacation to us means…..READY, SET, GO!

SAAVI’s Ready Set Go Summer Camp is designed for blind and visually impaired high school and post graduate students throughout the United States.  SAAVI has worked with professionals from the blindness and educational field; blind and visually impaired mentors; and graduates of past Ready Set Go camps to develop a camp which will build confidence, encourage individualism and challenge barriers for all campers, no matter what skill level they begin the camp with.

Campers  will learn aspects of independence through:

  • Sharing a studio apartment with another camper where they are responsible for cleaning their apartment; cooking for themselves; grocery shopping with a weekly stipend that SAAVI provides; and doing their own laundry.
  • Orientation and Mobility lessons both independently and in group situations with their peers. Campers will travel to and from SAAVI throughout the camp by bus and will learn about such activities such as traveling independently and safely; how to travel in a group for example at the mall; or taking the bus to school and home.  Each camper will be working with professional Orientation and Mobility instructors to increase their confidence and skills in safe travel.
  • Learning about budgeting both independently and with fellow campers through our Living On My Own classes – which will involve a mock-up “Apartment Search” activity. This will include researching costs of apartments, learning about social security benefits, and creating a budget sheet among many other tasks.
  • Adaptive sports opportunities for campers to explore Goal Ball (with our very own Para Olympic gold medalist, Lisa Czechowski); playing with the beep baseball team the Southwest Slammers; playing basketball with fellow campers and much more.
  • Etiquette and social skills classes where campers will learn about appropriate behavior in the workplace, in social settings and among their peers.

We understand that students may not be ready to make up their mind about either going to college or joining the workforce so our camp allows campers to participate in both the Ready Set Go to College and Ready Set Go to Work programs. 
In Ready Set Go to College campers will attend a real college class at Pima Community College!  Campers will learn about college expectations, preparation for college and will experience firsthand what a college campus has to offer.
In Ready Set Go to Work campers will be able to “test drive” an employment opportunity.  Campers will choose their top three employment goals and work with our job placement team to experience one of their choices.  Campers will learn about workforce expectations; how to dress appropriately for the workplace and will work directly with local businesses to create contacts within the community.
Camp isn’t just about work – we also have a lot of FUN!  Campers will have many activities to keep them busy such as: self-defense classes; bowling; roller skating; rock climbing; golfing; heath and wellness classes for example yoga and karate; learning how to use a BBQ; swimming at Breakers Water Park; talent shows; dances; support groups; and much, much more.

Everyone needs to have that opportunity for a great summer memory.  That one summer that made a difference in your life – where you met new friends; where you learned about who you were as a person and how to appreciate what you have to offer; where you challenged yourself, overcame fears and became a stronger person.  Ready Set Go Camp is that opportunity.  Let’s create that great summer memory!