Ten children sitting at a table, smiling at the camera.

Learn about SAAVI’s children and teen programs – including our Ready Set Go Youth Club, 5 week summer camp and a year round post high school Steppin Out residential program.
Youth Services


Adult woman wearing a cooking apron, preparing a meal.

SAAVI supports you and meeting all of your goals from your daily activities to college or employment. We provide a wide range of training opportunities to fit your needs.
Adult Services


Senior woman asking a question to her trainer.

Come join us at SAAVI and experience the training and fellowship we offer to remain independent with your vision loss.
Senior Services


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Tip of the Day

Rehabilitation Teaching

When preparing to cook a meal or bake a dessert, pull all your ingredients out that you will need. If you have things to chop, pre-chop them before you start cooking. This will save time, and prevent your from having to scramble around for ingredients or last minute needs.


Learn about the various ways that you can help blind and visually impaired Arizonans.